Integro is committed to delivering concrete, measurable results to clients, not vague outcomes.

While there is some degree of ‘art’, as well as science, to financial planning we don’t think the process should be a mystery.

Here are five core services we deliver to our clients:

1) Total financial planning – our plans encompass your entire financial life including:

2) Regular ongoing reporting – we will send you simple one-page reports every three months measuring your assets against your goals.

3) Progress meetings – at least once a year we will conduct a face-to-face meeting with you, reviewing your values and goals while benchmarking your progress towards those aims so far.

4) Annual action plan – following the annual review Integro will produce a detailed ‘to do list’ – comprising of simple steps you can take to keep your plan on track.

5) Advice you can trust – your plan is our plan so we will make certain it is designed in line with your values and aspirations. You can contact us any time to discuss your financial situation and we will tell you the truth. Honestly.