In a world prone to rapid changes Integro believes managing your investment portfolio requires constant attention.

As opposed to the typical ‘set and forget’ asset allocation strategies – where advisers will spread your investments across different types of assets in a more or less unchanging proportion – we adopt a more active approach.

While we promote the core investment strategy of diversification by investing across the four main asset classes – cash, interest-bearing deposits (eg bonds), property and shares – Integro will change the proportion invested in each asset class if the underlying fundamentals suggest those assets will either over- or under-perform their long-term average returns in the immediate future.

Using a combination of expert economic analysis, statistical data and sophisticated software, Integro monitors the performance trends of the asset classes on a daily basis.

This method, commonly referred to as tactical asset allocation, enables us to take advantage of market trends while maintaining fully-diversified portfolios for our clients.

We create a mix of assets for each client specifically tailored to their individual goals and tolerance for risk.

The Integro investment system is designed to give you:

Confidence – your portfolio is diversified and in good hands
Assurance – your investments are constantly monitored
Reduced Risk – we protect your money in a downturn
Enhanced Profits – we inform you of significant upturns that offer buying opportunities.